Miquel Barceló
Palma de Majorca Cathedral

Jean Michel Othoniel ((finalist)
Saint Martin’s Church, Harfleur

Pascal Convert (work in progress)
Saint-Gildas-des-Bois Basilica

Pierre Soulages
Conques Basilica, Aveyron

Martial Raysse
Notre-Dame de l'Arche d'Alliance, Paris

Jean-Dominique Fleury
Recent Creations

Damien Cabanes
General High School, Tournefeuille

Jean-Pierre Pincemin
Sylvanès Abbey, Aveyron

Marc Couturier
St Leger Church, Oisilly
Car Park, Troyes (finalist)
Daniel Coulet
Notre-Dame d’Aubin

Fleury’s first collaboration with an established contemporary artist was with Pierre Soulages who is world renowned for his pictorial work on noir-lumière. The Romanesque basilica at Conques was the subject of a State funded commission for historical monuments. Fleury’s mission was to translate Soulages’ vision into 104 stained glass windows. The realisation of this project took three years. Their joint talents have succeeded in resurrecting this site.

It has been transformed by the new light and life that the stained glass windows have brought to the basilica. Having received much media acclaim, Conques also attracts millions of visiters. 10 centuries after the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostella, the basilica at Conques has in some ways, become the focus for a new cult.